Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Emotions of Trading

Five Emotional Keys to Handle to Improve Your Trading

Trading is a mental game. It is you versus yourself. You decide every trade. Your emotions are there at every decision.
I recently listened to an audio by Tony Robbins called “The Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness”. In this audio, Tony goes thru five key emotions we face and must handle in order to reach higher levels of achievement. 
Here, I will give you the emotions we all have as traders and how to deal with them and how Futures Truth magazine can help you handle these emotional hurdles and achieve higher levels of trading success.
The first key is to have a positive attitude. How can we have a positive attitude when even the most successful traders lose on half or more of all their trades? 
Only trade with an edge. An advantage. A systematic approach can give you that edge. You will have winners and losers. But, if the system is robust and logical, it should show positive results over the long-term. Realizing this should help you achieve a  positive outlook.
Tony says a negative attitude prevents us from doing the work necessary to succeed. If you expect to fail, how much research of a trading system to use are you likely to do.
Simona Rich writes that the main cause of negative attitudes is a wrong beliefs about life or certain aspects of it. If you belief your trading should result in 90% winners but are trading a system which shows only 60% winners, you will develop a negative attitude.
Tony further states that having a NEGATIVE attitude destroys discipline.  Discipline is a key foundation to all trading success. So, a positive attitude is key.

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