Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dollar Index

The US Dollar index is trading around multi decade lows. It is forming a "L-formation" at the 70 level. Note the high of the reaction goes to the exact fib 38% line. If the Dollar breaks below 70, the first target is a 70% wave projection of 55. The final target would be 40 by 2015. If it does break below 70, BUY GOLD.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silver VS Stocks

Found this chart in the APMEX email. In 10 years, the stock market is down 11%. Silver is up over 300%.
Has anything changed?
Or, will the current over spending by the government, debasing the currency by the fed and search for safety continue. I think the move in metals is only beginning.

Gold as Inflation Hedge

Just finished a great article on how Gold has really been a great hedge for inflation. When measured against the governments CPI numbers for the last 40 years, Gold has outperformed CPI by a factor of SIX.
Read the whole article in the next issue of Futures Truth magazine.