Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Steady Return"

Reading an article in Wall Street Journal.  It criticizes Gold as an investment because Gold does NOT provide a "STEADY" return.  REALLY?!?.  Name an investment that does!!!  The stock market only recently broke out of a 12 year congestion.  A 12 year, violent congestion.  How about dividend stocks.  Most stocks don't pay divis.  So, stocks are speculation. 
What about housing as an investment?  Houses are an expense.  Try missing a loan payment 3 months in a row.  See who really owns the house - the bank does.  If you are renting it out - does it pay the combined cost of Mortgage, Interest, Taxes and upkeep?
Gold has provided double digit returns for 10+ years in a row.  HOW MUCH MORE STEADY CAN YOU GET!